It’s a wonderful novel, and deserves an American readership. Very few writers these days seem to be working this kind of ground.
— James Wood, author of The Book Against God
I loved Canadian author Christine Pountney’s book Sweet Jesus... As well as being a beautifully written character study, it also captures the emptiness and longing at the heart of America.
— Irvine Welsh, author of Trainspotting
Christine Pountney’s prose is stunning, but Sweet Jesus is more than a beautifully written book – it’s a guide to being human in an ungodly world. Her characters are unforgettable.
— Miriam Toews, author of All My Puny Sorrows
I fell madly in love with Sweet Jesus. It is everything I look for in a novel. It is my book of the year.
— Barbara Gowdy, author of The Romantic
Few books make fiction feel this real.
— Chad Pelley, Behind the Book

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A swift carriage, of a dark night, rattling with four horses over roads that one can’t see – that’s my idea of happiness.
— Henry James, Portrait of a Lady
the best way.png
The best way you know how is a moving and provocative meditation on the slow clash of the things a young woman craves: the ache to be truly known and loved, and the compulsion to be freshly desired.
— The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Pountney’s novel is fever therapy, tender and hard, touching bare wires of break-ups and ecstasy and the amorous pillow talk of road trips and wounded nightclubbing. It has legs and zings along, a glorious, dark book.
— Mark Anthony Jarman, author of 19 Knives
Pountney ushers us into another dimension of chicklit, one characterized by darkness, introspection and brutal honesty about sex and failed relationships. With poetic eloquence (Pountney won the Lionel Shapiro award for poetry at McGill), she manages to straddle the rift between mainstream appeal and literary sophistication. Imbued with gorgeous and telling figurative language, a strong narrative voice and surprising detail, this is the dark, realistic and intelligent side of women’s literature – the way it was meant to be written.
— Edmonton Sun

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Longlisted for the Orange Prize in 2000.

Last Chance Texaco
The use of landscape as metaphor subtly pervades the novel. There is a precise yet evocative sensibility at work, which leaves the distinct feeling that Pountney is a writer to watch.
— Time Out (UK)
Pountney’s skill at portraying relationships in danger of capsizing through misconception is not to be missed; her spot-on sketches of ghost towns and their listless residents can’t be matched by many young writers.
— I-D Magazine
Entering the mind of this questing, ill-starred, often lost teenage boy, Christine Pountney takes uncommon, exhilarating narrative risks, and builds a fascinating tale of budding love, wrenching loss and piecemeal recovery. Following his journey in this exceptional debut feels like gaining the sort of wisdom that usually comes, if at all, only from living.
— The Globe and Mail
There are moving moments in this literary equivalent of a road movie and there’s something profound lurking beneath the surface.
— The London Observer (UK)

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